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Sun's Glow

by Ten Spiders

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I came here 'cause I wanted someone real to talk to you've got a brain and you use it you can think a thought through I've got more than one reason for liking you You get me high when I am low You see me to the door when it's time to go you hold me up and you pull me through you'd push me through the eye of a needle if I needed you to We spend our whole lives working just to be who we are and all that time that I spent I can still go too far so kind of you to not make one remark I came here 'cause I wanted to let my heart sing with a friend or two that don't need to see me anything you can add some calm to the chaos I bring
I'm feelling a little fragile now something in me got broke somehow that's how it is when you look for what doesn't want to be found now my heart's okay, but my min won't allow me to forget the loss of innocence or the gain of doubt now my faith in God is long since dead and my faith in man's just hangin' on by a thread so when you called up from Washington it was much too late to right the wrong things done It's the wrong things done you can never take back no one's gonna help when you need to pick up the slack so to hell with the rest of us, it's all about you but that kind of thinking's bound to backfire soon You were famous for your walkabouts infamous when you walked out but we thought there might be a chance to find your body among spring's plants so at six in the morning we gathered to plan our search's scope to find the worst possible end of our hope all we could find at the close of that week was fear and sadness, loss and sympathy so when you called up from Washington it was much too late to right the wrong things done Every time the rain came down I wondered whether it might pound your lonesome body out there I figured you were dead or unaware and tonight the raindrops will fall again but you are home and safe from them how can I be safe from you and all the harm that you might do because with that single selfish act you changed what we all know to be fact so when you called up from Washington it was much too late to right the wrong things done
We’re spending the weekend with my family where everyone is talking simultaneously there are ten balls of energy in the form of my cousins runnin’ wild ‘round the house on a candy bar or a dozen since we’ve run out of people to bash who aren’t hear and a little bit of quiet is our greatest fear out come the do-you-remembers and we reminisce like those lousy childhood days were some kind of bliss Everyone likes my husband ‘cause he’s not like us He’s handsome and tall and most important, he keeps his mouth shut he’ll lend a hand when he can, pull something down from a high shelf no matter what they say, he just smiles and laughs to himself Now we’re visiting his family for the weekend and there’s never a decision we don’t have to defend come through the door, see if our picture’s turned down then we know it’s been too long, since we’ve come around when you are getting a job? when are you having kids? like a horror flick, my head goes around in spins but I married their son, so they’re stuck with me ‘til that front door flies open and they’re one again free You might have a family that’s just like mine or his You might wonder how you made it, how did you turn out like this but a crazy family’s better than no family at all so you better let ‘em know you love ‘em while they’re still here to call and the next time, big holiday, you’re all together here’s what you do to keep your heart light as a feather sit on the couch with your mouth shut and your opinions to yourself and no matter what they say, you just smile & laugh to yourself
I’m empty now but like the moon I’ll be full once more a cycle that must reveal the patterns of what’s in store If I can smile in the traffic then my day might be magical I’m ready to cut the chains that have bound me to this ground floor to find brief respite precious time to let my spirit soar I wanna laugh everyday and still decide when to stay away My rune is standstill though my pace is the speed of sound I’ve gotten my fill turn my back on my life work’s vow but I must wait with patience if I want revelations I’ll climb the steep hill just to take the next step that’s not down just need a cheap thrill when my soul’s in the Lost & Found but at the top of this mountain the moon’ll celebrate what I’ve found
Lone Goose 05:55
I saw a lone goose in the sunrise she was croning out her single sad cry I know what it feels like to be alone with those feelings welling up inside Lost from the flock, left behind in their haste you can get lost in the flock when they wait Maybe she’ll look for her family or she might’ve told them to go ahead I know what it feels like to need the time to be lost and found in the cool sunset
Welcome News 04:47
You’re in your own world, what a nice place to be there’s nothing in there that you don’t want to see tunnel vision is the easiest religion to believe rigid and unyielding, must be tough to find a friend you give out nothing and that’s what you’ll get in the end every building knows, even steel needs to bend So, don’t be afraid to try on someone else’s shoes You might find yourself with a whole other point of view All of us living in peace would be welcome new I believe that’s we were put here to do You’re in your own world, I like to watch you sway heart and mind inside the music that you make, it’s clear at the end of the night, that’s where you’d like to stay I sit back now, let the bass choose a beat for my heart no need for my brain, you know it’s really not that hard to give myself over, where do you end and I start? I’m in my own world, forced to make my own choice and freedom shrinks away from as if I had no voice in every ending, there is a reason to rejoice
Sun's Glow 05:28
I am low to the water, right at the surface of the bay And I am a mountain’s daughter, but I am not afraid I have begged for these moments, sacrificed many things for my time I am just more whole now, for what I’ve held in my sight And I’ve been frozen in this hunk of blue, like a dancer waiting to make her move And today I flow, thanks to the sun’s glow, down to the ocean where all the good water goes And the sun dictates my fate, I sneak out of town like a high noon thief to be surrounded by water, waist deep in the cool relief Valley walls fill my horizon, red stone hewn from history the greatest art of all time, it’s future none can foresee
26 Years Old 05:15
I am twenty six years old Might as well be a hundred All that I behold Is like the end of a loose thread Might as well get stoned You turned out to be some friend Now my path unfolds I’m once again at the end And you sent me those photos And I don’t know why Maybe you thought one trauma might make the other one Fly from my mind Let’s face it, it was over between us The day my father died You can walkover that bridge, but you won’t Always get to the other side No warmth I remember The cold eats away at my spirit Life I would tender A kind word, just to hear it I lost more than a fender It was closer than a near miss Confidence I surrender It’s more than faith to get through this And I invited the weight of the world on my shoulder And it hasn’t made me wiser, it’s only made me older ‘Cause that’s what you get when you toy with your place in the universe Nature comes around, says you better throw it in reverse You better turn around Don’t make a sound Stay low to the ground ‘Cause you’re bound to my law
Haze 05:45
Wondering, on how we came on up to where we stand standing on this strange foreboding land seeing but never understanding what is seen what it means sitting, lost in haste not knowing what to do people passing by say look at you confused, is what you're doing still inside your heart There are days seem like forever, there are skies never gray there are times i get a feeling, like everything might be OK Wondering, on how we came on up to where we stand standing on this strange foreboding land seeing but never understanding what is seen what it means seeking, I look around discover something strange, something's changed time, flowing through the universal sea, I fînd it's me
R5 03:49
I’ve been working on the real world railroad it’s an endless task, my back has an endless load there’s a river here and a mountain there you can’t go around, you’ve got to go where you’re making big bucks, but you life’s full of frowns you can look to 65 but there’s no slowing down Straight as an arrow’s par for the course social alienation seems to be the source for my need to work myself to death and the railroad company will just make amends to my family and friends and find another sucker to work to his end I quit working on the real world railroad it was an endless task, my back had an endless load and I don’t care what’s in front of me now the last thing on my mind is the industrial dow I’m just making enough to survive on my own I ain’t got no money, i ain’t got no loans
if you lived in my world, you might mistake a smile for a friendship take a bite of the fruit and find out later it was all pit like a child pick a dandelion and call it a flower good things always seem to happen and then they always sour I had a handful of straws and you drew the last one like to show you the light but you'd only stare into the sun life's not a game, I gave three strikes anyway I was a good sport while you whittled my patience away the sun never really sets, never leaves us alone here it’s just my point of view that lets me watch it disappear so I changed my point of view to believe your word was all that I needed never thinking briars might come up when it was roses I’d seeded
Maya 04:38
Sunrise, awaken to the corner your time spent in the darkness of the evening Crawl into your slumber as the birds announce the morning with it’s darkness ‘cause what you do is nothing just watch as all around you goes to hell and all you ever figure is all you’ll ever do is just as well So you get yourself together and prepare for your future with its’ plans always knowing something is bound to creep up just to tie your hands from ever doing something to release you from this game and from its’ scams You find yourself now dancing with the others who’ve already joined the play Spinning ‘round in circles revolving as they mouth “follow this way” Reflections of the sunset laughing as it dances towards its’ grave you slowly come to reali that everything you touch ends up this way ‘cause what you did was nothing just watches as all around you went to hell and all you’d ever figure is all you’d ever do was just as well
Worst of Me 03:58
Some people bring out the worst in me Feelings surface that I never want to see I wanna turn, turn the other cheek But anger’s too common in adversity It’s not what you feel, it’s how you act that counts The victim and the tyrant in us all are intact It’s not what you think It’s how you react that sounds An alarm in our heart that says it’s time to change We’re all looking for the easy way out The wonderful comfort of truth and no doubt We’re all looking for the easy answer Unwilling to see the cancer
Cross the bridge to my little town takes me over the river but I'd rather be going down while the light on the water slivers Everything's green now, everything's callin' Everything's everything, gotta quit my stallin' Long to be on the other side of that glass kitchen window holds me fast with the leaves on the trees of the sassafras I let my wintery past pass In the back of the closet, winter dreams get shoved spring's gonna let us shed our fear chocolate and oxygen spur us to love let's get the hell outta here


A mix of focus on songs and jamming. Recorded live in the studio as a quartet, we kept the best take and produced each song much more than Midnight Snack. Three & four part harmonies are common, and guests are applied liberally throughout these songs.


released January 1, 2001

Mark Moss, Sound Engineer, Target Studio
John Gannon, drum kit
Pete Rhee, fiddle
Jonathan Thompson, saxophone
Ernest E. Whyte, Jr., keyboards, piano
Hoagy Wing, dumbek & percussion
Alex Forster, cover art
All songs written by Maria Cahill except Haze and Maya by Steven Cahill


all rights reserved



Ten Spiders Portland, Oregon

Ten Spiders was an acoustic trio in Philly and grew into a regional roots rock jam band in the late 90s and early 00s. Over a decade, they played over 800 gigs in 10 different states. They appeared live on community TV and radio, including in NYC.

Now located in Portland Oregon, they're entertain people along the West Coast.
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